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Slow Down. You're Home.

Lakebound® lake maps have a vintage feel, with warm, retro color combinations and a typeface reminiscent of what you'd see in the 1950s. Our artwork is a comforting callback to a simpler time. Which, to us, is what being at the lake is all about: Slowing down. Being home.

New artwork...Lake Superior!

Next up: we're mapping Lake Superior! I'm doing my research because we like to get to know a lake before we map it, you know, get a sense of the place. Lake Superior is now a must-see for me! I had no idea how gorgeous it was and now must go visit.

These are sea caves in the Apostle Islands, and in the winter they turn into ice caves. Yowza!  Standby. 

New artwork complete in a couple of weeks.
(photos by Travel Wisconsin & Andy Rathburn)


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