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Lakebound® lake maps have a vintage feel, with warm, retro color combinations and a typeface reminiscent of what you'd see in the 1950s. Our artwork is a comforting callback to a simpler time. Which, to us, is what being at the lake is all about: Slowing down. Being home.

Merrimack Canoes from Sanborn Canoe Company

If you haven't seen the beautiful canoes produced by Sanborn Canoe Company, you have a real treat awaiting you.  Based in Minnesota, the canoes they make are works of art.  And in spring of this year, Merrimack Canoes became a part of Sanborn Canoe Co.  This is the Osprey, the original Merrimack model, created in 1954 for hunters, paddlers and fisherman. 

See all of their beautiful products here:

Portland Monthly - Lake Escapes

Waldo Lake

Drive time: 3 hours

Don’t even bother packing your iPhone when you go to Waldo Lake. For one thing, you probably won’t get service in this secluded basin, one of the world’s purest alpine lakes and the headwaters of the Middle Fork of the Willamette River. Plus, you don’t want any pings and rings interrupting the silence. Thanks to a 2010 ban, nary the whir of a gas motor will tarnish your serenity at this 9.8-square-mile jewel. In fact, except for the occasional swoosh of a bald eagle’s wings and the harmonic song of a hermit warbler, the only sound you’ll hear is the echo of your paddle dipping into Waldo’s haunting blue waters, where the view down reaches a world-record 157 feet.

Anchor PointAvoid the mosquitos during high season (June/July) at North Waldo Campground, the driest and most popular of the lake’s sites. 
nibblesFill your cooler with tentside staples at Ray’s Food Place in Oakridge. 
Dive In  Rent a canoe from Upstream Adventures in Oakridge and explore Waldo the old-fashioned way ($45 per day). 


Sunset Magazine Best Lake Getaways...

Best for Throwback fun: Lake Crescent, WA

 Photo by Thomas J. Story; written by Ted Katauskas

Photo by Thomas J. Story; written by Ted Katauskas

"Lakes don’t get much more old school than Crescent, in Washington’s Olympic National Park. Lake Crescent Lodge is one of the great national-park hotels, with a wood-paneled dining room—President Franklin Roosevelt ate here—and a sunroom where parents and young children play games of Uno and Jenga.

As for the lake itself, it’s a gem: second-deepest in Washington and, locals claim, clearer than Western rivals Crater and Tahoe. There are biological reasons for this—such as an almost complete absence of water-clouding nitrogen—but what will count more is all the fun you can have on and around Crescent. The lodge rents canoes, rowboats, and tandem kayaks; you can fish for two species of trout found nowhere but here. (You do, however, have to put the trout back.)"

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