Lakebound Lake Maps

Slow Down. You're Home.

Lakebound® lake maps have a vintage feel, with warm, retro color combinations and a typeface reminiscent of what you'd see in the 1950s. Our artwork is a comforting callback to a simpler time. Which, to us, is what being at the lake is all about: Slowing down. Being home.

Reviews of Stuff We Like

Here's where you'll find our reviews of our favorite lake-related things.  We're talking gear, restaurants, recipes, getaways, everything.

When we are on the road and exploring, we'll be stumbling upon new things and places and will want to share those with you.  That may include the best burger we had in Kentucky, or a canoe we tested in Montana.  We want to tell you about new products as well as the old familiar standbys.  We share.  We endorse. We critique. We take this seriously and we love what we do.

We can't be on the road all the time though, so we want to hear from you too.  Lakebound is a community based on lake culture.   Tell us about your discoveries!


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