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Lakebound® lake maps have a vintage feel, with warm, retro color combinations and a typeface reminiscent of what you'd see in the 1950s. Our artwork is a comforting callback to a simpler time. Which, to us, is what being at the lake is all about: Slowing down. Being home.

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Best for Throwback fun: Lake Crescent, WA

 Photo by Thomas J. Story; written by Ted Katauskas

Photo by Thomas J. Story; written by Ted Katauskas

"Lakes don’t get much more old school than Crescent, in Washington’s Olympic National Park. Lake Crescent Lodge is one of the great national-park hotels, with a wood-paneled dining room—President Franklin Roosevelt ate here—and a sunroom where parents and young children play games of Uno and Jenga.

As for the lake itself, it’s a gem: second-deepest in Washington and, locals claim, clearer than Western rivals Crater and Tahoe. There are biological reasons for this—such as an almost complete absence of water-clouding nitrogen—but what will count more is all the fun you can have on and around Crescent. The lodge rents canoes, rowboats, and tandem kayaks; you can fish for two species of trout found nowhere but here. (You do, however, have to put the trout back.)"

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